Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An All Nighter

For years I've been pulling all nighters on the eve of every exam yet this one was a bit different, I had been through the same content more than 15 times before going through it another 500 during this particular night, after serious deliberations and Staff meeting's and banquets and inviting senior politicians, my mind was finally convinced that MCQ's are alote easier than a dumb ass Essay question that just tests ur ability to be a NERD, And by NERD i mean a fully and properly Diagnosed Neuro Epileptic Retard .

In Exactly six hour's and ten minutes  i will be free from the tyrant of the castle, free from my midterm's forever, well i might be exadurating so lets just say till the next semester so no one calls me a lier, In 6+ hours i will be on a bus to the middle of no where seeking something that doest exist at the hope of finding salvation which is just a fancy way of saying i might visit some friends in Sinai whom i haven't seen in a while, Hopefully whoever reads this would have the decency to pray for me and wish me the best of luck on my exam and my quest.

Until then See ya .

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Moment Of Fear

Lying on the floor shaking, trembling ,was i dieing ? was i taking my last breath? i started asking myself if i wanted to die this way, do i want be found on the bathroom floor soaked in my own blood ? did i want my brother to die of fright and sorrow?!!

Thought's rushed through my head and i was trembling with fear i had no control over my shaking body, over what i had recognized as a seizure , my head was banging on the floor and my mouth was full of my own blood.

For minutes that felt like a lifetime i struggled to regain control and so i did, i pulled my weak body up and grabbed that in front of me afraid of the thought that i might collapse once more, praying that god may have mercy on my soul, I rose eager to rise and grasp upon my bravery, for bravery was to be my only ally and as such my ally came through for me and ignited my mortal body with the flames of power of which i eventually noticed were nothing but a fever of which my fears became a realistic dream and my fantasy's mist !

Deluginal and Drunken with pain i regained that of which was mine,That of which was my sane mind !!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life and its simple but cruel complications .

For some really stupid reason I've been going crazy for the last couple of days
looking at my current mental position in the world i see that i'm half dead half alive

some may start laughing at the fact of life and death holding hands in my case of insanity but its true

the state of life i have has much for whom to thank , friends and family , small ambitions and vision of the future of a more richer life, a better life.
a life in which i am judged by who i am but not by what language i speak or what nation i pledge elegance to or by what cause i choose to back.

every day that power of life is getting smaller and smaller and its diminishing by the minute

i wake up with all the hope in the world then i leave my bed and look at the mess my life is then i dose off into a fantasy world trying to think how and if i would ever tighten up my life.

my perspective towards life is kinda exotic as my thought and belief differs from everyone else
its not become i'm something special its just because i'm me and i'm not you and nor are you me .

on one is alike no one is the same we all live our lives in the way we please and we try to act as if we had the choice
choice itself is accepting an option of which was available to take , choice depends on situations and actions of elements and people around us , we have all the choices in the world we can jump run crawl or fly but at the end the most realistic and possible option is took.

every day i assess my life my friends my action, there action , i assess the world the political issues the news the school i go to and everything around me.
I finally reach to one conclusion , my thought and assessment of life will mean nothing if i'm not in a positions of power to act by what i feel is true and right

i must learn from my life my mistakes and the life and mistakes of other , take the good leave the bad , but take note of what and which one of those bad things can be relevant to me and effect my goals

i do my best to try to gain knowledge and understanding of the world but the world doesn't want that type of person they want a person that takes sides , they want a clear statement of your beliefs of your expectations and actions.

belief a world that means what i believe and i concentrate my view on the the letter the syllable " I " that refers to me.
the letter means its my business ,my responsibility, my future.

what u think that i think is not relevant to you.

its not relevant to them ,its relevant to me, to I.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Peice of shit aimed at girls

Whatever people say
whatever they think 

i am not obligated to conduct my personal life as anyone wants it .

I hate Palestinian girl , i hate Jordanian girl's , i hate Jordanian girls
i dislike Egyptian girl's

Want a reason sure ill tell everyone and discuss it with any one 

1-they wine a lot!!!
2-There have mood swings , sometimes i think im talking to a pregnant woman .
3-Always having some life threatening disease , im sick im tired my mom my dad, errrrrrrrrr
if you want attention then ask for it , but don't fuckin fuck with my mind and making me feel guilty.

4-They want you to dress the way they like and be hip , and i mean by hip is using the gay styles people use as waxing your hair like a broom and wearing slim pants with ur ass showing or your boxers.

5- they want you to feed them and give them money and call them 24\7 without giving anything back , i don't mean sexual favours i mean a word of thanks , it was a lovely night anything , no they leave like bitches and flip there fucking lips and grin as if u did something wrong since they want to be supper stars .

6- Please don't tell me or judge me , why the hell do people think i wanna marry an American or Russian or wateva western girl , im not horny for blonds , i cant stand having a blond as a girlfriend as a friend ya sure but i just cant imagine my self with a blond girl for a wife.

7-Make up addicts , Arab girl use tons of make up thinking it make them hot , i have that shiny or glittery lip stick, i hate blush and mascara , believe me a girl without make up is gorgeous , i don't care about flaws in her skin or some small pupil on her cheek , if u wanna use make up then moderate the amount u use , don't over due it

8-you want to be my lover but you don't want to be my friend , Arab girl want you to listen to there problems never want to listen to yours , want reference than go back to point 1 and 2

9-they want to be your and they don't want anyone to know except all the girls , no guys gotta know about it , well hun go slam your head on the wall i just don't care , if you feel ashamed if anyone know you love me then fuck off i dont need what your giving , you product is in stock by the million , just call hooker 119 free delivery!!!!

10-whateva , my thoughts are mine and there for me only meaning classified info unless i want you to know for some reason

My perfect girl

A happy girl , lovable huggable and cuddly
a girl that knows how to use make up and doesn't smear her face as if shes spray painting , a girl that would love or like me for who i am not for what i am or for what i am going to be , a girl that isn't ashamed for her decisions in a relationship , a girl willing to pay the price since a relationship is a 2 side job , its not a spa where im suppose to give u a free manicure baby , a girl that would give me my space , a girl that knows me and knows how i think and doesn't take what i say literally since sometimes i express thing using the wrong vocabulary.

i want a girl that is simple , clean , takes care of her self but not a phyco that has one thing on her mind and one thing only , shoes and clothes and the money in her pocket , i wish i could find a girl that is willing to share what she has with me , a girl willing to split even the tinniest bite of a sandwich with me even if its undividable and enough for one , i want a girl that dresses properly and simply , doesn't wear tones of accesorries and runs after the latest do and dont on faggish magazines , since at the end fashion isnt wearing what others wear , fashion is knowing what to wear and what suites you!@!!!!

there alote more shit i have in mind but seriously i can put them down here since people will be offended but whatever , its my life and the life of my companion whats at stake so i seriously dont care what people think i just care for one thing which is why do they think in the way that they think !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A moment of silence!!

I called i called daily every hour every minute , i thought i prayed i looked at the sky wishing i could reach her and get a final word , silence something that burns me down makes my heart pound , for the past week I've been trying to call my friend every hour i send a text and every day i call a hundred times , i thought she was dead , but in my heart she was alive she was well , did she leave me hanging from a thread or just to play .

is this her way to fool around with my heart , black thoughts kept lingering through my mind they forming in my dreams until the second she answered ,then silence!!!

after a week after agony and pain and thinking what would i say , i just stopped i just listened to the sound of the one thing i never thought would come , silence!!!

A whole minute that felt like a lifetime of silence neither one of us knowing what to say ,what to do or what to feel , after a the minute that felt like a life time , i knew something had went wrong and that all is okay and my heart forced me to talk and i asked simply "izayik ar3abteani" my legs where trembling my heart was fainting until the word came out of her angelic mouth that she was fine , she had surgery , she had reached her edge and almost died.

God dam it the emotions and thoughts that rushed through ones head at some time vanished at the knowledge that all is okay.

Dam u egypt youve made me soft , but atlast some peace of mind !

Monday, February 2, 2009

Video in Audio out , Thats what the worlds about

Well walking through out the streets of Egypt everyday i see the people going into a video frenzy ,people of all social standing are logging onto youtube metacafe and other video website , also Egyptians are addicted to facebook tagged and other social networking site's , sometimes i think its pathetic but i look at my self , I'm a facebook addict and proud to be one , i use facebook and blogs to connect to the world and get up to date with the recent news around the world , i use facebook as my primary email as it is my primary link and contact card to all whom i know to everyone .

but what about audio , people don't care about it anymore people think it outdated but actually audio is an essential component of anything in this world , video itself cannot be divided from audio as data these days is called A\V audio video and audio comes first.

Listening to the radio is something of the up most joy, even music when heard on the radio feels different that when you play it yourself its just different , morning shows and afternoon shows they just make me happy , they give you news the weather and a couple of new jokes for you to tell your friends its just simply amazing , the best thing that goes along with the radio is a fast car carrying a hot girl , then your in heaven baby!!!!!

A Realy long day of >>>>>........Sleeping

Usually when i speak to people and they get to know I'm a med student they have this pre-made thought that we don't sleep we don't eat and we certainly don't have sex well that's true if you don't count playing with your self as sex , well I'm here to tell everyone that is so untrue!!!

Med student are really messed up people during exam bye bye London , if you get an hour to four of pure non nightmare sleep then you the king of the hill and the next husband for Britney Spears ,Stress is a killer for med students and is the first cause of phyco pre-exam behaviour being seen in the forms of me jumping ,running, screaming, shouting, talking to my self and the occasional homicidal tendency , believe me do not mess with a med student during at least 10 hours prior to the exam .

during exam we usually eat allot and drink allot of tea Coffee and 7 up or Pepsi since we all decided it has sufficient amounts of caffeine to help us kill the pain of not sleeping .

well that almost covered the exam period , but wait if your saying that's normal well during vacations and those days when we are not in the phyco exam mood we just do one thing and one thing only , Sleeeeeep , med student have the ability to sleep more than 24 hours straight with no food water or using the freakin toilet , i usually sleep on school days and vacation at least 12 hours .

once i slept for 27 hours and the big deal was that my mom caught me doing it as she called me 5 min before i slept then called again the day after at almost the same time of day , i answered and shouted at here why she woke me up after i just hung up the phone , well i think you can imagine what she said , i had slept a whole day looking at the window i thought i only slept 5 min since i woke up around the same time of day i sleep lol weird huh.

some kids slept up to 72 hours , well the trick is that once u sleep u go into shallow sleep then deep then shallow if u stay asleep after the second shallow sleep you go back into deep sleep.

another weird thing about med student but this doesn't apply to me is they love to chat maybe because there outcasts from society or because there just plain bored , they spend every minute of no sleep no study online in chat room's.

hopefully people get to know our private habbits more better , if you wanna get to know more please call your nearest med school or university and apply to be one , best of luck for all those weirdos i call colleagues.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Entry and Exit , freakishly exausting

Well to all you people thinking about comming to egypt your into a hell of a ride , there is this old arab saying that says " going into the bathroom isnt like leaving it" , im sure this became true after they got to see egypt.

Egypt is a pretty decent place , security is good and people are very hospitable but do tend to try and robe you sometimes :p  , for some Cairo is a boring dumb place with old artifacts and nothing but skeletons wraped in cloth , well for the first semester i was here that was so true , until i discovered cairo had more than meet's the eye.

Cairo a 24\7 open pub , a place where poeple from around the world come to see what and how poeple lived thousand of years ago ,what they built and how they lived , egypt has been a center of trade and a place of envy for many civilisations , i bet they would be realy jelouse if they got to see how egypt looks like now.

egypt is a maze for many as once you g in its hard to get out but with the knoledge of otheres and spray painted walls showing the way , youl see the difference .

Hi , my name is omar and welcome to my Blog!!

Im an american currently residing in Jerusalem and studying Medicine in Egypt ,hopeful i can show people how cairo and egypt in general can be a realy fun cool place to be through my eyes and my experiences as an IMG and a tempo resident of egypt.