Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Night Out

I simply called just to check how thing were going 2 minutes latter i was invited for a night out with a friend and his Girl Friend, well its not a big deal i mean Ive been out with couple before i know how to have fun but when u get to a certain point when your agitated by just sitting there well thats what happened to me.

The Girl was Familiar, i didn't actiouly know her but yet i felt i did and i had my fingers crossed when i asked her something, well lets just put it this way i was RIGHT !!

the girl had typical features and resembled someone i previously knew and currently seek, she was charming and beautiful, she had that zing that makes a man happy, anyways before anyone judges me and tells me i was hitting on her well ill tell you your wrong !

The feeling that overwhelmed me was happy memories and frustration! the frustration came since the person she resembled isn't by my side no more yet the happy memories made my day and so i had a nice night out and came back home with a smile on my face.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

اسم من بين الاسماء

لقد وجدت اسمك بين الاسماء
فتمالكني الغضب وشعرت بالاستياء
تمالكني الذعر وتمالكني الكبرياء
ان اضيف اسمك الى قائمة الاسماء

اردت ان اناديكي وان اصرخ باعلى صوتي لتسمعني السماء
الى اني تراجعت
لاني تمالكت نفسي
ولاني قد مللت الحياة

قد كذبت على نفسي لمدى اعوام
كذبت على قلبي واضعت نفسي بالاحلام
حلم بانه هنالك من يوم
ساستطبع ان الفظ اسمك
دون ان اذرف دمعا
نزف بلون الدماء

لقد مرت ايام وتلتها ايام
احتكرك ذكراكي ذكرياتي
فلم اجد من مكان فارغ
لتحتلها ذكريات جديدة
خالية من الالام

راجيت ملاك الزمان وراجيت ملاك الحنان
بان يرجع الزمن ,بان يعدو الايام
لتصل عقارب الساعة الى يوم من الايام
كنت قد اقدمت فيه
على ايقاذ حيوان
حيوان شرس سكن جسدي وتملكني
لالفظ بكلمة
لالفظ بغضبي
لاعبر عن جسدي ,عن قلبي , عن روحي

لالفظ بكلمة امست كالسيف الخفي في جسدي
لالفظ بكلمة اذابت جلدي كاللهب المشتعل الذي تلفظه حمم بركان

لالفظ بكلمة
لالفظ بدوافعي

لاقول لك
من لحظة ما ولدتني امي
من اول لحظة تنفست فيها الحياة

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Blog Blog Blog, Interesting !

45 minute to a major exam and i am facebooking and web surfing and listening to music as a hopeless bum from Manhattan.

I think somethings wrong with me, but ill just have to wait and see !