Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An All Nighter

For years I've been pulling all nighters on the eve of every exam yet this one was a bit different, I had been through the same content more than 15 times before going through it another 500 during this particular night, after serious deliberations and Staff meeting's and banquets and inviting senior politicians, my mind was finally convinced that MCQ's are alote easier than a dumb ass Essay question that just tests ur ability to be a NERD, And by NERD i mean a fully and properly Diagnosed Neuro Epileptic Retard .

In Exactly six hour's and ten minutes  i will be free from the tyrant of the castle, free from my midterm's forever, well i might be exadurating so lets just say till the next semester so no one calls me a lier, In 6+ hours i will be on a bus to the middle of no where seeking something that doest exist at the hope of finding salvation which is just a fancy way of saying i might visit some friends in Sinai whom i haven't seen in a while, Hopefully whoever reads this would have the decency to pray for me and wish me the best of luck on my exam and my quest.

Until then See ya .

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