Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Moment Of Fear

Lying on the floor shaking, trembling ,was i dieing ? was i taking my last breath? i started asking myself if i wanted to die this way, do i want be found on the bathroom floor soaked in my own blood ? did i want my brother to die of fright and sorrow?!!

Thought's rushed through my head and i was trembling with fear i had no control over my shaking body, over what i had recognized as a seizure , my head was banging on the floor and my mouth was full of my own blood.

For minutes that felt like a lifetime i struggled to regain control and so i did, i pulled my weak body up and grabbed that in front of me afraid of the thought that i might collapse once more, praying that god may have mercy on my soul, I rose eager to rise and grasp upon my bravery, for bravery was to be my only ally and as such my ally came through for me and ignited my mortal body with the flames of power of which i eventually noticed were nothing but a fever of which my fears became a realistic dream and my fantasy's mist !

Deluginal and Drunken with pain i regained that of which was mine,That of which was my sane mind !!

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