Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life and its simple but cruel complications .

For some really stupid reason I've been going crazy for the last couple of days
looking at my current mental position in the world i see that i'm half dead half alive

some may start laughing at the fact of life and death holding hands in my case of insanity but its true

the state of life i have has much for whom to thank , friends and family , small ambitions and vision of the future of a more richer life, a better life.
a life in which i am judged by who i am but not by what language i speak or what nation i pledge elegance to or by what cause i choose to back.

every day that power of life is getting smaller and smaller and its diminishing by the minute

i wake up with all the hope in the world then i leave my bed and look at the mess my life is then i dose off into a fantasy world trying to think how and if i would ever tighten up my life.

my perspective towards life is kinda exotic as my thought and belief differs from everyone else
its not become i'm something special its just because i'm me and i'm not you and nor are you me .

on one is alike no one is the same we all live our lives in the way we please and we try to act as if we had the choice
choice itself is accepting an option of which was available to take , choice depends on situations and actions of elements and people around us , we have all the choices in the world we can jump run crawl or fly but at the end the most realistic and possible option is took.

every day i assess my life my friends my action, there action , i assess the world the political issues the news the school i go to and everything around me.
I finally reach to one conclusion , my thought and assessment of life will mean nothing if i'm not in a positions of power to act by what i feel is true and right

i must learn from my life my mistakes and the life and mistakes of other , take the good leave the bad , but take note of what and which one of those bad things can be relevant to me and effect my goals

i do my best to try to gain knowledge and understanding of the world but the world doesn't want that type of person they want a person that takes sides , they want a clear statement of your beliefs of your expectations and actions.

belief a world that means what i believe and i concentrate my view on the the letter the syllable " I " that refers to me.
the letter means its my business ,my responsibility, my future.

what u think that i think is not relevant to you.

its not relevant to them ,its relevant to me, to I.

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