Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Peice of shit aimed at girls

Whatever people say
whatever they think 

i am not obligated to conduct my personal life as anyone wants it .

I hate Palestinian girl , i hate Jordanian girl's , i hate Jordanian girls
i dislike Egyptian girl's

Want a reason sure ill tell everyone and discuss it with any one 

1-they wine a lot!!!
2-There have mood swings , sometimes i think im talking to a pregnant woman .
3-Always having some life threatening disease , im sick im tired my mom my dad, errrrrrrrrr
if you want attention then ask for it , but don't fuckin fuck with my mind and making me feel guilty.

4-They want you to dress the way they like and be hip , and i mean by hip is using the gay styles people use as waxing your hair like a broom and wearing slim pants with ur ass showing or your boxers.

5- they want you to feed them and give them money and call them 24\7 without giving anything back , i don't mean sexual favours i mean a word of thanks , it was a lovely night anything , no they leave like bitches and flip there fucking lips and grin as if u did something wrong since they want to be supper stars .

6- Please don't tell me or judge me , why the hell do people think i wanna marry an American or Russian or wateva western girl , im not horny for blonds , i cant stand having a blond as a girlfriend as a friend ya sure but i just cant imagine my self with a blond girl for a wife.

7-Make up addicts , Arab girl use tons of make up thinking it make them hot , i have that shiny or glittery lip stick, i hate blush and mascara , believe me a girl without make up is gorgeous , i don't care about flaws in her skin or some small pupil on her cheek , if u wanna use make up then moderate the amount u use , don't over due it

8-you want to be my lover but you don't want to be my friend , Arab girl want you to listen to there problems never want to listen to yours , want reference than go back to point 1 and 2

9-they want to be your and they don't want anyone to know except all the girls , no guys gotta know about it , well hun go slam your head on the wall i just don't care , if you feel ashamed if anyone know you love me then fuck off i dont need what your giving , you product is in stock by the million , just call hooker 119 free delivery!!!!

10-whateva , my thoughts are mine and there for me only meaning classified info unless i want you to know for some reason

My perfect girl

A happy girl , lovable huggable and cuddly
a girl that knows how to use make up and doesn't smear her face as if shes spray painting , a girl that would love or like me for who i am not for what i am or for what i am going to be , a girl that isn't ashamed for her decisions in a relationship , a girl willing to pay the price since a relationship is a 2 side job , its not a spa where im suppose to give u a free manicure baby , a girl that would give me my space , a girl that knows me and knows how i think and doesn't take what i say literally since sometimes i express thing using the wrong vocabulary.

i want a girl that is simple , clean , takes care of her self but not a phyco that has one thing on her mind and one thing only , shoes and clothes and the money in her pocket , i wish i could find a girl that is willing to share what she has with me , a girl willing to split even the tinniest bite of a sandwich with me even if its undividable and enough for one , i want a girl that dresses properly and simply , doesn't wear tones of accesorries and runs after the latest do and dont on faggish magazines , since at the end fashion isnt wearing what others wear , fashion is knowing what to wear and what suites you!@!!!!

there alote more shit i have in mind but seriously i can put them down here since people will be offended but whatever , its my life and the life of my companion whats at stake so i seriously dont care what people think i just care for one thing which is why do they think in the way that they think !!!!!!!!!

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